Our Mission

lab with blue bandana

Barkin' Barley is a place where families can bring their dogs to gather, play and socialize in Connecticut's first Taproom with an attached members only Indoor/Outdoor Dog Park (opening summer 2024). We love dogs and beer and we know we are not the only ones. So, why not combine the two?

Our Taproom’s dog friendly patio and extended courtyard is open to all and will include Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, fire pits, yard games, water stations and more for you and your four legged friend to come hang out on leash. Barkin’ Barley will feature an inviting, laid back and relaxing environment where dogs and their families can come and enjoy a cold one, whether it be an IPA or a bowl of water. Our Taproom will offer 30 CT exclusive craft brews on tap from various brewers around the state offering breweries a platform for exposure and craft brew enthusiasts a wide variety to choose from. Customers will also be able to choose from a variety of local fare which will be provided via food trucks on site.

dog with kid

Coming Summer 2024! In addition, our indoor/outdoor dog park will offer plenty of room for off leash activities for members while letting their dogs meet new friends and play under the constant supervision of our Park Rangers. Owners must be present in the park at all times. As a benefit of being a member, our Park Rangers will make sure your dog is safely entertained, watered and cleaned up after your visit. Rinse stations will also be available for you to rinse off any dirt or grime before leaving the park. There will also be a separate wooded area with small hiking trails available for more outdoor adventure. Registration is required and park rules apply. All vaccinations will be kept on file with your park waiver/liability forms. To ensure a fun and safe environment for everyone, all of our canine friends are required to be registered and vaccinated. This is for the safety of all park visitors:) 🐾

It is our mission to create a place with a unique social atmosphere offering great service where dogs and their families can gather together while enjoying all the craft beer, wine, food and entertainment that local Connecticut has to offer.


Our vision is to build Barkin' Barley into a thriving social establishment that will be the “place to go” for a beer with your dog as the first of its kind in Southeastern Connecticut. All are welcome, whether you have two legs or four, we want to create a comfortable space, ambiance and energy that will satisfy both dogs and their humans. We want to be the gold standard when it comes to the introduction of this new and exciting concept to Connecticut.